We are an online store that sells designer products handmade in Chile by artisans.

The project was born in 2017 as an eCommerce of handicrafts from different areas of the country that stood out for the high quality of their manufacture in addition to being closely linked to the culture of each place.

After working and getting to know the artisans, their lives, their history and their interests, we realized the impact that the external market had had on their business, overshadowing the commercialization of their products.

In analyzing this problem and trying to help them, we realized that they needed advice on marketing: to make their products known and access more sales channels to reach more customers; and on design: to innovate according to trends in decoration and fashion.

So to solve these problems, we wanted to give a twist to our business model that would also give us a differentiating component, which consists of partnering with artisans to create co-owned brands where we contribute with marketing and design, and they with what they are most passionate about and do best, which is handmade clothing.

In this way, the artisan goes from being a simple supplier to the owner of the brand that markets his products, giving him greater motivation in his work, seeing it reflected in his own brand.

With this, Chilean handmade products are positioned in a competitive market through social innovation.

Our mission then translates into the transformation of the typical concept of craftsmanship as a souvenir, into a national design product handmade in an artisanal way.