Exchange of one product for another:

Step 1: Bring the product to the office (Bellavista 0594, Providencia).

Step 2: An in-store coupon will be generated with the value of the purchase.

Step 3: Use that coupon at your convenience to purchase your new product.

Step 4: You will receive your new product at your home.

Exchange of an unused product, due to any imperfection (maximum period of one week after delivery):

Step 1: Send mail to(, with subject "CSpecifying which product you want to exchange and the reasons.

Step 2: You will be notified via email on the day your new product will be available for pick up (you must bring the product with imperfection).

Repair of a product (use of warranty):

Step 1: Bring the product to our office (Bellavista 0594, Providencia), where it will be analyzed and you will be given an approximate time for the repair. of delay of the repair.

Step 2: You will receive the repaired product at your home address within the time frame indicated above.